Cardano was hype. Solana is community.

Cardano has long been hailed as the major future competitor to Ethereum. But this year, Solana, which launched in March 2020, went from being an obscure new blockchain to the NFT platform of choice for those unwilling to pay Ethereum’s steep fees.

It is too early to tell for sure…

They are here to bite you in the ass

Meme tokens, dominated today by dog-named tokens, have become the big speculative casino in crypto this year. Beware these tokens.

Anyone who has been in crypto for a while is used to hearing the tired and misinformed take on Bitcoin that the crypto-uneducated have: it's useless, it's a speculative bubble…

Todd Kronenberg

Top Writer in Investing, Bitcoin, and Finance. American nomad, retired/entrepretrying, coder, crypto investor, dog owner, burgeoning human.

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