Do you still think it’s risky??

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In the past 24 hours Bitcoin has breached the top 10 list of the largest assets in the world.

There are many historic moments during Bitcoin’s short life so far. It was Halloween 2008 when Bitcoin was first announced by its mysterious creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. The Bitcoin network was brought online for the first time on 1/3/09. The first transaction sent from Satoshi to Hal Finney occurred on 1/12/09. The first Bitcoin exchange was brought online on 3/17/10 so that market participants could establish a price for one bitcoin, which started at a fraction of one penny. The first real…

As Seen From the Beginning of 2021

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In the Beginning…

The future is bright for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in general! The first decade or so of the technology saw Bitcoin invented as a revolutionary new monetary system, followed years later by a slew of copy cats and later on novel ideas about how to expand the functionality of Cryptocurrency.

The most successful idea to develop outside of Bitcoin was the idea of smart contracts — taking Bitcoin’s concept of programmable money to its natural conclusion in which programmable money is Turing Complete in which anything software can be coded and run on the…

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Four years ago Mitch McConnell made up a rule out of the blue about Supreme Court nominations in an election year. He claimed it was Senate precedent (he lied). It was an unconstitutional and naked power grab that resulted in the Republican party stealing a Supreme Court nomination from a sitting president. It was even more transparently corrupt given the fact that Republicans even talked about refusing to take up any Democrat nomination for the next 4 or 8 years if Hillary won the election. …

Lessons from Early Retirement on Living a Fulfilled Life

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My campsite this morning in Montana on my 1 year anniversary of retirement

For anyone interested in early retirement, what it’s like, how to plan for it, and how to embrace it to live a fulfilling life after you are done being an employee, this story is for you.

I retired from my day job at 36 years old on August 30th 2019, exactly one year ago. I’ll go over some details of my early retirement, my experiences and thoughts from this first year, and where I plan to go from here now that I have a year to judge and plan from.

Retiring Early

After spending my twenties post-college bouncing around taking whatever low…

My Envelope Method for Money Management

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About 15 years ago, around the time I got out of college, I came up with a method for budgeting my monthly spending, and therefore saving more money, simply by using a few envelopes. Over the the past decade I’ve actually seen a few other articles written about this as well, so I guess I’m not the only one who has come up with this idea! Budgeting is the most powerful tool you can use to manage your expenses and increase your savings, and I found my Envelope Method to be a very easy and useful way to budget.

Sticking to your Budget


Stop Playing Perfectly into Trump’s (tiny) Hands

This is a shout out to all those so-called progressives/far left/self-proclaimed socialists/or just idealistic liberals. However you identify yourself politically, if you’re the type of Bernie (or occasionally Warren) supporter who says they aren’t going to vote for Biden because he isn’t Bernie or isn’t Warren, I have one piece of advice for you:


How could I call you a republican, you might ask. Easy. There is a very specific tactic Republicans/conservatives have used over the years to destroy their own ability to govern and destroy their grasp on reality…

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A common motivational saying is “you can do anything you put your mind to”. An easy example of that is eating healthy. Literally all you have to do is make good food choices. But that is the hard part of doing anything you put your mind to — temptation gets in the way of those good choices. I have two easy steps I follow to strengthen your resolve and keep your focus when it comes to eating healthy and feeling good in your body.

The last thing anyone should want to do is wake up in ten years having gotten…

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I’ve read countless articles in media and written by non-journalists the past four years on the subject of how someone could vote for such a vile person as Trump. Indeed, that is what all of the sane world has been wondering.

Are Trump supporters just all terrible people, are they all racist, are they all hate-filled people, do they just want to hurt their fellow Americans out of some kind of misdirected rage, are they just a combination of extremely gullible and extremely stupid, are they totally brainwashed, are they in favor of massive corruption and criminality and lawlessness in…

But also why it doesn’t really matter

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A common critique you will hear of Bitcoin from anti-Bitcoin people is that it has no intrinsic value. Let’s explore that!

First off, nobody who buys another currency, or a stock, or a house, or precious metal, or a business, or rare art, or anything else asks what its intrinsic value is in order to get an idea of how much they should pay. They ask what its market value is, and what is its potential future market value. Wikipedia describes intrinsic value as:

In finance, intrinsic value or fundamental value is the “true, inherent, and essential value” of an…

The five main reasons Bitcoin’s price will soon gain an order of magnitude

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Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

As always, there are people predicting Bitcoin’s imminent doom as well as Bitcoin’s imminent ascendency to being a major player in global finance. Beyond the hype of doom or moon, though, there are concrete reasons to expect Bitcoin’s price to boom once again in the coming year or two. Here are the top five reasons for Bitcoin’s next price explosion.

1. The 2020 Economic Crisis + Money Printing

Plenty of people had previously said that Bitcoin had only done well in its first decade because most of the world was in a decade long economic expansion, and that as soon as a recession hit Bitcoin would be doomed…

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