Dear Bernie Supporters, Please Stop Being Republicans

Stop Playing Perfectly into Trump’s (tiny) Hands

This is a shout out to all those so-called progressives/far left/self-proclaimed socialists/or just idealistic liberals. However you identify yourself politically, if you’re the type of Bernie (or occasionally Warren) supporter who says they aren’t going to vote for Biden because he isn’t Bernie or isn’t Warren, I have one piece of advice for you:


How could I call you a republican, you might ask. Easy. There is a very specific tactic Republicans/conservatives have used over the years to destroy their own ability to govern and destroy their grasp on reality and American values, and you are following their playbook exactly.

Photo by Geran de Klerk on Unsplash

Anyone shy of extremist is labeled as not a real party member

RINO is a term everyone should know. It is used by Republicans to shame and isolate any member of their party that doesn’t vote or support in lockstep whatever extremist conservative view holds the day. Since the Trump presidency started, RINO is simply a term used to slander any Republican who doesn’t blindly support whatever insane thing Trump is talking about lately.

The whole idea is you aren’t really a conservative, or member of the republican party, if you don’t fall in line behind the latest extremist issue or simply fall in line behind protecting Trump from accountability and the rule of law. It’s a clear statement that the party is now one of pure ideology and extremism, and the only important thing to the party is gaining and keeping power to further promote this extremism. Laws, the constitution, morals, ethics, American values, Democracy, norms of governance all be damned in the effort for Republican power and extremism.

Think about Mitt Romney, not a hero of a character in any way whatsoever in the broader context of humanity, still a typical Republican pre-Trump, but he takes on heroic qualities when compared to every single other member of his party these days. He was the only Republican in Congress to have a spine and do his job when it came to voting on Trump’s impeachment and removal from office (and hell, even he only voted for one of the two iron clad articles of impeachment). Thus he is now hated by Republicans and labeled a RINO by essentially all conservatives. Ferreting out so called RINO’s by conservatives is how to hollow out the moderate aspects of their party and electorate, and it is why they are a party and voter base of extremists now, largely and often entirely dismissed from reality.

Enter Bernie supporters. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a Bernie supporter, and occasionally a Warren supporter, say Biden isn’t a Democrat, isn’t a liberal, is no different than a Republican, is “Republican-lite”, or even isn’t any better than Trump. Congratulations. You, a very liberal person, just bought into Republican propaganda! A massive propaganda machine is the only thing Republicans are successful at. And you, a liberal, are now a victim of it. Trump’s campaign strategy has always been to convince (lie to) enough people that whoever the Democrats run is also terrible. It worked in 2016 and he is desperately trying to get it to work again in 2020. And you bought it hook-line-and-sinker. Anyone who has been labeling Biden as mention above, please take a second, and slap yourself in the face extremely hard because WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!

Promoting such nonsense and saying you won’t vote liberal just because the candidate you liked most didn’t get the nomination is only hurting yourself, everyone around you, and the country as a whole. You are doing the exact same thing the Republicans have been doing for many years. It hollowed out any hint of rationality, moderation, or common sense in the Republican party, and it will do the same to the Democratic party.

Congratulations. You, a very liberal person, just bought into Republican propaganda!

You’re literally just following the Republican playbook on how to kill off all common sense in a political party. Don’t let your stubbornness and pride lead to a worse America — that’s what Republicans do. So stop being Republicans!

Vote blue no matter what. It is the only chance we have to preserve America as a nation of laws and liberty and justice. If you don’t want another four years of absolute failure and fierce degrading of our nation you only have one choice and that is Biden. So for the love of America — vote blue, vote Biden. All your liberal ideals mean nothing if you don’t vote for liberals when you have the chance, especially when the alternative is an evil that we all see is leading to a poisoned and dying America.

American nomad, semi-retired/entrepretrying, coder, cryptocurrency investor, dog owner, burgeoning human. Briefly caught across a few ordinary moments in time.

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